Photo: Mona Hormia

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A Faun's Afternoon -project

As a new project in 2005 – 2006, I want to do a dance based on the theme “A Faun’s Afternoon”. For this dance I have received a 4-month-grant from the Arts Council of North Karelia.

A Faun’s Afternoon spoke to me when I read the story. The bold story provoked strong reactions when it was published over a hundred years ago. The dance is choreographed and designed by dance instructor/choreographer Jari Karttunen from Joensuu. We both believe that the theme will evoke the same reaction even today, a hundred years later.

So why would A Faun’s Afternoon speak to people even today? The sexual and erotic themes that are an integral part of the story are provoking as such but when they are interpreted by a disabled person, this creates a whole new situation. The social status of a disabled person, that is his or her second rate status in the eyes of the society and the general public, is one thing as such. When the themes of eroticism and sexuality are then linked with disability, the reasons for performing A Faun’s Afternoon become obvious. The majority culture and the culture of disabled people both need provoking themes. I believe A Faun’s Afternoon to be one even in 2005.

The premiere of A Faun’s Afternoon will be in the autumn of 2006.